Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS)

  1. Assisting Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students in Chinese learning.
  2. Strengthening the communication and cooperation between the parents of NCS students and the school.
  3. Promoting an inclusive campus culture
  1. Hiring a teacher to provide in-class support to NCS students, and to keep contact with the parents of NCS students to help them understand their children’s learning progress and performance.
  2. Arranging one-on-one remedial learning session and group learning session for NCS students.
  1. Tailor-made extra Chinese learning resources for NCS students.
  1. Purchasing teaching and learning resources to boost the learning interest of the NCS students towards Chinese.
  1. Lending learning resources to the parents of NCS students in order to encourage them to extend Chinese learning with their children at home.
  1. Holding activities which promote inclusive culture in order to strengthen mutual understanding and respect among students with different cultural backgrounds.